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Warehouse Weddings--Wow!

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can occur almost anywhere, from public to private spaces. Each couple has different tastes, preferences, and requirements. Whether you want formal or casual, religious or secular, indoors or outdoors, there’s a venue for that!

One recent trend is the use of so-called “warehouse” spaces. These are often repurposed buildings which have an industrial vibe. Some are actual warehouses formerly used for storing materials used in manufacturing; some were originally mills for cotton or grain; some were factories for furniture or carriages. One example is “The Trolley Barn,” which was built to service the electric trolley cars for the Atlanta streetcar system at the turn of the 20th century.

Many such locations have been refurbished and renovated to bring them into compliance with 21st century standards for safety while providing the amenities we expect such as air conditioning, ADA-compliant access, comfortable restrooms, modern electrical systems, plenty of guest parking, etc. Many also have private dressing rooms for bridal parties as well as professional catering kitchens.

Almost all such sites have a common aesthetic: hardwood or polished concrete floors, high ceilings, large doors, and flexible room layouts. Some have tall windows, some have exposed ductwork, and some have remnants of machinery to give an industrial or even a “steampunk” look. Because of these venues’ large size, you can save time and money by having ceremony and reception in the same location.

The spaces have great decorating potential. You can go wild with lighting and décor or go minimalist with “less is more.” These venues typically have great acoustics, which is one of the reasons I love performing in them for weddings and parties.

Some of the spaces are businesses as well as event venues. For example, Mason Fine Arts is also Mason Fine Arts Events, a huge building with a variety of spaces. Some rooms have actual walls while other areas are set apart by floor-to-ceiling curtains. The entire venue has fabulous visual and sculptural art so you can decorate or not, depending on your taste and event style.

A few other venues with an industrial look are Roswell Historic Cottage, King Plow Arts Center, Roswell Mill Club, Ivy Hall, the Foundry at Puritan Mill, the Cotton Mill Event Venue in Jefferson, Upstairs Atlanta, Venue 92 in Woodstock, Monday Night Brewing Garage, and Summerour.

Please call or send an email if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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