Meeting of the Minds

When people choose me to play for their wedding ceremony, I want to be sure they are happy with their music choices and that I can give them what they want. There are many factors which influence not only music selections but also other aspects of my service: arrival time, set up, location, number of guests, whether a wedding coordinator has been hired, type of service (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, etc.), and other details.

The more information I have, the better I can serve my clients. That is why I offer brides a free consultation in my home. I can play pieces so they can hear and choose, and it’s a great opportunity to ask questions about the service so both of us will know what to expect.

Some brides are not able to meet in person for various reasons, so I do some consultations over the phone. It’s not quite as much fun but accomplishes the same goals.

It’s best to have your consultation at least a month or more before the ceremony because that last month is always extra-busy for brides with fittings, parties, thank-you notes, and last-minute details. If for some reason you can’t have the consultation at least a month before, I am still happy to meet with you in person if I’m available or over the phone. There may not be time to find and learn new music not already in my repertoire at that point, but I have much to choose from.

I usually schedule consultations day or evening, Mondays through Thursdays. Weekends are sometimes available, but that is often when I’m playing for other weddings and events. Most consultations take about an hour.

Clients need no preparation for a consultation (no lists, no recordings, etc.). All you need is open ears and an open mind. However, there is quite a bit of preparation on my part. The harp studio must be ready, harps must be tuned, contracts pulled, and other things I do to welcome guests into my home.

When you have scheduled a consultation, it’s important to keep that appointment and to be on time as much as possible. We all deal with the local traffic, so please check your route and allow for that. If you’re coming from a long distance away, realize it will take longer at certain times of day.

It’s simpler and easier, too, if you limit the number of people attending to just the engaged couple or to two or three people. The more people involved, the harder it is to make a decision on the music and to coordinate arrival times. I’ve had consultations where the bride was an hour later than the friend helping her, and we could make no decisions until she arrived. I’ve also had couples bring both sets of parents, and the multitude of opinions made reaching a decision that much more difficult. No offense intended, but please do not bring children.

If you can’t keep your appointment or if you think you will be more than 10 minutes late, please call and let me know as soon as possible.

Please DO cancel your consultation appointment if you are sick! I will certainly understand and appreciate the situation and will try to reschedule when you’re well.

Please call or send an email if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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